Diễn Viên Amber Stark

Amber Stark

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Natural redhead Amber Stark has only recently entered the world of porn and is eager to show off her sexy skills! Hailing from a small town in Ohio, tattooed Amber is majoring in forensic psychology, and her favorite pastimes include painting, hiking and reading – that’s when she isn’t cumming on hard dicks or masturbating with the help of her much-loved vibrator! Amber says she’s the submissive type who loves to indulge in sensual lovemaking and ‘spoon sex’, although this open-minded cutie has a kinky side, revealing she has previously experimented with bondage and will not hesitate to swallow a thick load! With a tight little waist, adorable freckles and perky tits, it’s only a matter of time before this enthusiastic firecracker becomes a household name in the adult entertainment industry. Check out Amber Stark in the scenes below!

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